Why This Blog?


 Catherine Russi – Luciano D’Amico owners of  www.gustoperamore.com

This blog comes from our passion for olive oil and our belief that olive oil is a key ingredient to enhance the flavour and health benefits of every dish. Our commitment will very much be towards coming up with recipes that have these key features:

High quality food

Seasonal ingredients, preferably organic

Raw, unprocessed ingredients

Olive oil

Do you want to know why we made this decision? Because we believe that these elements are essential if you want to prepare a delicious, healthy and easily digestible meal.

We feel that you can achieve excellent results even with simple recipes if you use high quality food as ingredients and olive oil. On occasion, we will include links to let you learn more about the nutritional properties of the foodstuffs we use.

We love to cook and to share our dishes with our friends – there’s nothing we like more than to surprise them with a new flavour or a good wine.

Mealtimes are little moments of happiness for mind and body!

Go on, give the blog a try!

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Loreto Aprutino - Abruzzo

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