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How to make mouthwatering chocolate muffins using extra virgin olive oil instead of butter. We had extra soft muffins using this muffin recipe, with a lower saturated fats content than chocolate muffins made with a traditional recipe! You could garnish them as you like, with sugar powder only or with a melted chocolate filling.  Try […]

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“Parrozzo” a typical Christmas dessert of Abruzzo

The “Parrozzo” is a typical Christmas dessert of Pescara in the Abruzzo Region, made with semolina flour, eggs, almonds and chocolate. It was invented by the pastry chef  Luigi D’Amico in 1920 to celebrate a typical bread of the peasants culinary tradition called “rude bread” with a classic dome- shape. Even the famous poet Gabriele D’Annunzio wrote […]

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