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Gusto Per Amore online shop aims to make available the specialty food that has made the Abruzzo region of central Italy, famous right across the world.

Explore our specialty food online shop purchase, directly through our site, items such as DOP (PDO) extra virgin olive oil, Italian pasta made using farro, and Saragolla flour, wine selection from the vineyards of the Abruzzo region and exclusive wine gift baskets, which are ideal for celebrating special events and as corporate gifts.

Extra Virgine Olive oil

Gusto Per Amore product lines “Secoli D’Amore” e “Amore dei Sensi” are the right products for those who are on the lookout for a superior-quality Italian extra virgin olive oil produced according to the ancient olive oil heritage of Loreto Aprutino. They are  intensely aromatic and have a low level of acidity . Gusto Per Amore extra virgin olive oils meet those criteria and are ideal for making the most of your dishes. Buy our extra virgin olive oil and you will discover a genuine food rich in healthy properties. Choose our oil gift set to mark a special event too.

 extra virgin olive oil online shop

 Italian wines

In this section, you can explore a special wine selection that Gusto Per Amore has very carefully put together with a view to satisfying even the most exacting of palates. Buy one of the available Italian wines in our wine shop and you will discover the authentic flavor of Italian wines like Montepulciano D’Abruzzo and Trebbiano produced according to the great cultural heritage of Abruzzo region.

In addition, the gift-box section features numerous exclusive and highly impressive gift packs that make for ideal corporate gifts.

Italian wines online shop

Italian pasta

Are you looking for healthy food? Buy whole grain pasta of Gusto Per Amore product line “Secoli D’Amore”. This Italian pasta was born from a desire to create a whole grain pasta with a unique flavor typical of ancient grains. If you want taste a gourmet specialty Italian pasta, buy Farro Pasta or Saragolla Pasta made with grains which are native to the Abruzzo region and first appeared during the Neolithic period.

Italian pasta online shop

 Specialty food

The item called “Specialty food” offers real excellent food among the traditional food of Abruzzo. They have an unique and inimitable flavor like dessert wines Vino Cotto  or Moscatello e Moscatello Spuante. Do not miss the opportunity to discover the amazing taste of our Italian specialities.

These are just some examples of our italian specialities, brows the pages with complete technical specifications and buy something unique to give yourself and your loved ones a special treat.

specialty food online shop

Food gifts

Would you like to give a wine gift to mark a special occasion? On the site, you will find a number of exclusive, stylish wine gift basket that have been designed specifically to show off the Italian wines in the very best light. If you are looking for corporate gifts for your staff, or presents for Christmas or birthdays, or you need an impressive gift to take along to a dinner, you can purchase these special wine gift pack or oil gift set from Gusto Per Amore online Italian food store.

food gifts online shop - wine gift - oil gift


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