Healthy pasta salad with walnuts, goat cheese and arugula

This cold pasta salad is perfect  for a hot summer day. This healthy pasta salad  is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fiber, and it is an easily digestible meal. We have used whole wheat fusilli made ​​with Saragolla flour. Saragolla is an ancient grain native to the Abruzzo region. Saragolla was introduced in the Abruzzo region in 400 BC and rediscovered after centuries with its genetic heritage unchanged. The flour, produced by stone grinding mills, retains all the nutritional values of the grain, as the high fibers and minerals content. Whole wheat pasta made ​​with Saragolla flour, has a rustic flavor and it combines perfectly with vegetables and fish to make dishes tastier and provides health benefits. The fresh goat cheese adds a touch of elegance  and an intense flavor to this cold pasta  salad and makes it perfect to pair with a soft white wine.

Serves 4
320 g of Fusilli
40 g of Arugula
50 g of coarsley chopped walnut kernels
80 g of shredded goat cheese
4 fruity extra virgin olive oil tablespoons

Wash the arugula, remove the stems, chop finely and let it dry (you have to get 20g). Bring a boil of salted water, then add the pasta. When the pasta is al dente (about 8 minutes, depending on your taste), drain  and rinse under cold running water and again drain thoroughly. Put the pasta in a deep bowl, drizzle with  extra virgin olive oil. When the pasta is completely cold, add the nuts, arugula, the shredded goat cheese and stir. Drizzle with  extra virgin olive oil again and serve.


  • Make sure your walnuts are not rancid
  • You can use parmesan cheese or  a seasoned pecorino cheese in place of goat cheese. Try to avoid soft cheeses.

You might also like read about italian ancient grains and how to produce high quality flour and pasta. Follow the link below:


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